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Dr. Boucelham Fouad of Sarl FS Dental in Algiers was sold Flexite dental products in June 2016.

It is now over 5 months and Dr. Boucelham Fouad and his bank have not paid $16,299.00 USD for the equipment he received. His bank refuses to fill out the Swift correctly so we can get paid our money. Our bank, J.P.

Morgan Chase bank, and The Flexite Company has told Dr. Boucelham and his bank to properly designate The Flexite Company as the beneficiary on line 59 of the swift. 5 swifts have been sent since June with incorrect information on the swift. His bank keeps putting J.P.Morgan Chase Bank as the beneficiary and we keep telling him that the beneficiary is the Ultimate person receiving his payment.

Our bank cannot accept his money unless our company is noted as the beneficiary on the swift. The last swift sent to our bank, the money had to be returned to Algiers because his bank took too long to respond and make the necessary corrections. Now over 5 months later Dr. Boucelham Fouad sends me an email that he said was sent to our bank.

My bank said they never received this note. And the note is still not good because Dr. Boucelham Fouad has to initiate a new swift with everything written correctly on a new swift. His old swift expired a few weeks ago.

The saga continues and we still do not have payment for the Flexite dental products we shipped to Sarl FS Dental in Algiers. My workers are waiting for their commissions on this order too. Dr. Boucelham is very polite with his emails but politeness has no meaning if we never get paid.

Needless to say, our Flexite Company is very dismayed that it is taking so long to get paid. Why Dr. Boucelham Fouad and his bank cannot get a simple swift written correctly we cannot understand. We want to warn everyone to make sure you get paid in advance before doing business with Sarl F.S.

Dental in Algiers. It does not matter if it is the fault of his bank. Dr. Boucelham Fouad promissed we would get paid within 2-3 weeks in June 2016.

Obviously he cannot be trusted with his word. I will keep everyone posted and if we ever do get payment from this company I will post again here on Riff Off Report. The Flexite Company has been in business now for over 54 years and we have never, ever, experience such a problem with a company we sold Flexite dental supplies to. Algeria is not a country that can be trusted to pay their bills promptly.

We will be notifying the Algerian Dental Society informing them that all Flexite dental products sold in Algeria is illegal because the Flexite factory was never paid for the goods from Sarl FS Dental. So it is as good as stolen. Fraud Fraud Fraud. I would not do any business with this company.

Avoid them like a plague.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $16299.

Preferred solution: Dr. Boucelham Fouad of Sarl FS Dental needs to pay The Flexite Company $16,299.00 USD promply for equipment purchased in June 2016. It is over 5 months now and Dr. Boucelham has not paid The Flexite Company. .

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